Sma Capital Fund Business How to use Google Analytics for your SEO efforts

How to use Google Analytics for your SEO efforts

Every webmaster is inevitably interested in knowing how their site is performing. One of the best ways to do this is by using Google Analytics, a free analytics service provided by Google. The goal of this article isn’t just to explain how to use Google Analytics, but also to explain how you can use it for your SEO efforts. This article is written for anyone who accidentally or deliberately ended up at this page after searching for “Google Analytics SEO“. Unusual capitalization, punctuation and spelling are deliberate to catch search engine spiders.

First of all, you need to have a Google Account. If you have not registered yet then just go to to start this process.

Once you have an account, sign in to Google Analytics at

This is the main screen of Google Analytics which provides overall statistics for your site:

The left column shows the list of Web sites that you are tracking with Google Analytics, and the right column shows various charts and graphs.

Let’s break down each of this columns:

The first item is “Real-Time Overview”, which provides a general overview of your site for the past few hours. It also includes information about all the visitors who just visited your website, and how long they stayed until they left.

I suggest that you keep this section on. If you want to know if someone is accessing your site, then just check this box from time to time.

The next item is “All Visits”, which provides a general overview of all the visits to your website in the past few days.

The third item is “Yesterday”, which provides a general overview of yesterday’s visits to your website.

The fourth item is “Today”, this provides a general overview of today’s visits to your website, which you can use to your advantage if you are trying to promote your site on the Internet.

You can also choose any number of days that you want in order to see how many visitors visited your site on that day.

The “Tools > Filters” menu is very useful if you want more detailed information about the visitors who visit your site. You can create specific filters and get a list of all the unique users, session durations, page paths, referrers and keywords related to any number of days which you chose in the left column.

Typing “Keyword” in the new filter window will show you all of the keywords used by users to reach your site.

This list is very useful if you want to know what people are searching for on search engines, and at the same time it provides a good indication of how many people visit your site by typing a particular keyword.

You could use this information to see if there is a demand for your site, or if there are certain keywords that you should start targeting.

I suggest you create a new filter for each keyword phrase that Google Analytics gives you. Otherwise it will be very difficult to keep track of all the data.

The “Marketing > AdWords” menu provides a list of your AdWords customers, which you can use to track their performance.

The “Marketing > Referrals” shows the sources that directed traffic to your site in the past few days.

The “All Pages” menu item is very useful because it lists all the pages that were visited on your website and provides much more detail than the “Visitors” menu item.

This is where you can find the list of keywords that are being searched for on search engines.

The two boxes below also provide detailed information about how visitors used your site, for example if they clicked on a particular link or visited a certain page.

The real power of Google Analytics services becomes apparent when you create Custom Reports.

If you are serious about your site, then I suggest that you spend some time creating different reports because they can really help you to fine-tune your site and improve its overall performance. Additionally, working with an experience SEO expert like SEO Company Salt Lake City will provide you with the best results.