The SMA Capital Invest Fund was founded in 2017.

The development and support of IT start-ups is the main mission of the fund.

To carry out effective and short time start of the project we provide teams with investments and expert consulting. As a result in short time we create working model and scale it.
Our Mission
We are sure the future is coming now.

We believe we are able to change the world, make it more safety, and better.

We believe in great ideas and technology breakthrough, that make human life more comfortable.
Transparency. Open minded approach. No limits.

Our choice is based on the following criteria:

To create comfort conditions for growth of young interpreters, their support are main purposes of the fund. We are eager to develop and create a brand new innovations and technologies that would be able to make human life better.

Our SMA Meet up Club unite all the people who are engaged in venture market for support or just interest. Our meeting are regular - please follow us in social media.
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